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Our program includes the selection, fitting, troubleshooting and modification of most hearing aid instrument technologies.

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While we will service nearly any brand, we primarily work with the following:

We also provide hearing aid repairs and in-office cleanings. Ask us about the EarQ Secure Warranty, providing a full four years of coverage on EarQ hearing instruments!

Secure Warranty
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Cochlear Implants

The Hearing & Speech Center's (HSC)’s cochlear implant program has been in existence since 1990, providing direct and consultative services to patients from all over Kentucky.

HSC's Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Team consists of an audiologist and speech/language pathologist who work with the candidate for a cochlear implant. Together, the HSC Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Team provides:

  • Audiological and speech perception assessments to determine candidacy for a cochlear implant
  • Initial and ongoing programming of the cochlear implant device
  • Auditory-verbal therapy is available to help the child recognize what they are hearing, which is the foundation for learning to speak
  • HSC also provides cochlear implant in-services and training for county school systems to assist the client in the utilization of the implant
Cochlear Implant

FM Dispensing

Children and adults are listening in difficult situations every day. Some examples include: listening in the car, at a day care, playing outside or at the park, in an educational setting or business meeting. The best way to hear better in all of these situations is to remove the background noise and to shorten the distance between the speaker and the listener. Most people do not talk with each other while they are standing six inches apart; which is an ideal listening distance for a hearing impaired child or adult. Unfortunately, background noise usually cannot be removed or changed. Because of this, there are devices designed to make it easier for those with hearing loss to hear in difficult situations. The device used most often today is the Frequency Modulated or FM system. An FM system can significantly improve a person’s speech perception in difficult listening situations when paired properly.

Featured Technology

Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Hearing Aids

Oticon Xceed hearing aid

Oticon has some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market today. Along with BrainHearing technology and Own Voice Processing, Oticon has recently released three new hearing aids to provide you with a seamless listening experience.

The Oticon Xceed and the Xceed Play are the most powerful hearing aids for adults and children with severe-to-profound hearing loss. They both offer 360⁰ access to speech without the interference of background noise. This allows for a better listening experience as well as improved learning for children. The Xceed and Xceed Play feature groundbreaking technology that reduces feedback, such as static or whistling, so you can hear clearer and with better attention. Adults and children can control these devices straight from their smartphones through an app, creating more control and improved usability. The Xceed for adults comes in a variety of colors to match your skin tone or hair color while the Xceed Play includes bright, fun colors in addition to the neutral tones for younger users.

Oticon CROS hearing aids offer a revolutionary 360⁰ sound experience for those with single-sided deafness. CROS hearing aids include a transmitter with a microphone that wirelessly picks up sound and sends it from your poorer ear to your better ear with a hearing aid. This allows you to easily engage in conversations in different environments. Oticon CROS hearing aids feature OpenSoundNavigator and TwinLink dual-streaming technology so you can hear from all directions. This gives you the freedom to do what you love while enjoying a more natural listening experience.

A Hearing Success Story

Audiology success story

"My journey of seeking assistance with hearing began over 10 years ago. It started with misunderstandings whenever my family asked me questions. I could hear them talk, but could not clearly hear their words. I was determined to persist in trying to hear.

During that same time period, I was speaking at a national event in Washington, D.C. in a large hotel ballroom. There were, perhaps, 500 people in the room horizontally arranged. I concluded my remarks and opened the floor for questions and answers. I was frustrated as I strained to hear the questions asked from the far corners of the room and could not understand what they were asking. A friend on the platform rescued me by telling me what they were asking. I became determined at that moment that I had to seek medical help with my hearing. I pursued medical attention and was told that I had a depreciated hearing situation and that hearing technology would address my problem. I was diligent trying to get accustomed to the devices that were prescribed, which were the large, in-ear instruments. I struggled with the cosmetics of the large instruments and the lack of quality hearing for several years.

After a medical examination by ENT professionals, I was referred to Hearing & Speech Center (HSC). My audiologist at HSC had a reservoir of practical experience that she applied to my hearing impairment. What was the result?

I was fitted with new instruments that were state-of-the-art and instantly my hearing was vastly improved. Over the years, I experienced various challenges regarding the fit of my hearing instruments. My audiologist worked patiently with me to find the right solution. She not only helped me gain the perfect fit, but continued to adjust the instruments until I was hearing normally in all situations, which were varied.

My job requires that I attend many meetings in many rooms of different acoustics. My audiologist worked through every one of those situations and adjusted my instruments to real life responses. Today, I have a normal everyday hearing experience. My family and those who I work with are grateful for this hearing correction.

Anyone that has difficulty hearing and interpreting sounds and speech should contact Hearing & Speech Center to begin their journey back to better hearing."

~ Audiology Patient, Ray M.

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The Mission of The Hearing & Speech Center is to teach children with hearing, speech and language impairments to listen and talk. We do this by providing high quality educational, clinical, and family support services.

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